All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

– Edgar Allan Poe, A Dream Within A Dream

Please note, this website is a work in progress…

In 1957, along with the classic Chevy, I came into the world. And the world has always fascinated with its places to see and things to do. After a foundation of elementary and secondary Catholic education I went on further and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.

At an early age photographic images caught my attention. There was an intrigue with the two photo centric news magazines, Look and Life. The strength and clarity and impact of those black and white photographs, those brief but artistic captures of moments in time stimulated a young mind. And then came cameras and trial and error, my mother’s Argus rangefinder, a Pentax K-1000, a Pentax 6×7, a Hasselblad 501c, and then a myriad of digital point and shoot cameras. And always there was a desire for quality, and that desire led to Nikon DSLR’s, a d300s and then a d700 and now a d800. There has long been a fascination with black and white images and this blog will pursue that fascination.

The influence of music cannot be discounted in the shaping of who I have become. From the crazy days of Zeppelin and hard rock, to the soul stirring blues of St. Louis, and now to the melodic acoustic ramblings of bluegrass and new grass, it is all a part of me. For I am but a frustrated musician with a fine Martin guitar wandering the wilds. The tunes that appear in the posts are played by me on various guitars, and are presented in a rough and little edited form and meant only to amuse.

And writing has also stimulated the imagination. A descriptive word, a phrase, a story, one man’s prose, and all to portray and paint an emotion in the mind.

And all of these and perhaps more will be attempted to be interwoven in this inaugural photoblog.

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