Road To Upton. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2015.

And So The Journey Begins…

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In the wide open spaces where the trees refuse to grow, and where the winds have their way, the sparse grasses bend and sway. And it is here where the air is fresh and often cold. It is an expansive land, a land not desolate but bare, where the elements are unencumbered to either savage or scorch or gently blanket.

And to this land years ago they came and they built fences to mark what was theirs, and to contain their animals and livelihood. And they built roads from one neighbor to another and to set the fastest and easiest route to town around hillsides and through valleys and up and over the high ground.

When the snows come to this place the flakes scatter and coalesce and drift in the winds, then settle and scatter some more. And the grasses and the sagebrush catch the snows. And at times the roads are windswept clean.

In this place the day can be seen clearly and the future stretches out and courses like a road to tomorrow.

Music: “Look Down That Lonesome Road,” played on a Tanglewood Java Parlour guitar. Garageband.
This version of that song was sung by Jack Prince, aka “Rafe Hollister,” on The Andy Griffith Show.

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