Angular Unconformities & Gravel Roads

Through the slow passage of time the rock formed. And in this place sediments were laid down atop layers of sediments, slowly through long expanses, and at times quickly as in landslides, but layer upon layer the sediments were laid down flat, eventually compressed and cemented into rock.

And all the while nature and forces deep within the earth were at work. Processes of mountain building folded and faulted the layers of rock. Massive layers were uplifted, and compressed and folded, and in places broken and faulted with the layers thrust up atop younger layers, and rising up into a mountain range.

And just as the mountains were rising the rains and snows and winds have always been at work eroding them down. And from the rock of the distant past, sediments are steadily washed away and deposited in another place, layer upon layer.

And it all continues through the slow passage of time.

And here the gravel road winds past the ancient rocky upheaval, and along the clear water stream and up into the mountains. And the birds sing to the warm weather, and the deer and the elk roam and watch, and trout ply the waters of the stream along the massive rock formations in this place, central Wyoming.

Music: “Cripple Creek,” traditional, played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway guitar. Garageband.

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