Pennsylvania Railcars. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2015.

Beneath The Train Shed

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In St. Louis, Missouri the train shed is relatively quiet.

And relics of a time gone by, the elegant dining and passenger cars, still sit proudly along the rails, and they shine where the day’s light comes through the shed. But gone is the hustle and rush of passengers eager to find their train and be on their way. Gone are the mingled sense of steam and scents of coal and oil and diesel smoke. And gone are all the sounds of a busy rail hub, the din of powerful engines pushing and pulling, and railcars rolling and coupling, the shouts of conductors, and the welcoming words of porters, and gone are all of the myriad emotions of the passengers coming and going.

Now the railcars sit quiet and await an occasional excursion. But they still shine and show the elegance of a era that once was.

Music: “Wabash Cannonball,” played on a Tanglewood Java Parlour guitar. Garageband.

One observation on “Beneath The Train Shed
  1. Tam Francis

    You’ve beautifully captured the longing nostalgia I have for bygone errors. Although I’ve been on a few trains. One to San Juan Capistrano and several trains in Europe, I’ve never experienced the grandeur of what it must have been like to board a gleaming silver bullet. But then, I’m not rich now, so most likely back then, I wouldn’t have had the money to experience first class railway travel.

    I know that’s one of my main problems with romanticizing the past. It always looks brilliant when you picture yourself upper class.

    Still, I can’t help dream, and let my heart imagine.


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