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Stout Wooden Cross

A wooden cross, stout but prominent, stands atop the small church on the eastern edge of the small town on the high plains.

And on Sundays when they gathered, the light of the day came streaming through a south facing window.

Be it blue sky and bright, or grey and overcast the light came in. Or be it stormy and dark, or the play of sunlight through drifting clouds, the Sunday light shone in from the south facing window. Through prayer and hymn and countless services the day’s light shone into the small church. And after a time on Sundays when no one came anymore they covered up the south facing window.

And the stout wooden cross atop the old church shows signs of the weather of the high plains.

Music: “Amazing Grace,” traditional. Played on an Alvarez acoustic electric cutaway guitar.

No One Knows – No One Remembers

After the last forest fire it showed through, tucked back into the hills, a remnant of a time gone by.

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Angular Unconformities & Gravel Roads

The gravel road meanders along the rocky remnants of a long distant past.

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Religion On The High Plains

It gets cold on the high plains. And it seems that nothing stirs, only the wind.

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Snowmobile Tracks

And in the distance the wind stirs the dry powdery snow making a haze. Though it is cold the sun is intense and bright in the afternoon sky giving a sense of warmth.

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Holiday Treks

The snows of winter have been slow in coming this year.

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