Holiday Treks

And when the sun is bright and the wind doesn’t stir there is a quiet calm over the vastness of the high plains.

The road ahead winds about and leads to the southern base of the Big Horn Mountains.

And wherever the road may lead you may you have a Merry Christmas.

Music: “What Child Is This / Greensleeves,” played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway Guitar. Garageband.

6 observations on “Holiday Treks
  1. Julie

    This reminds me of solitary drives to be with loved ones for holidays, which were both lonely and hopeful. Beautiful photograph and music to accompany it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Laura and Zach

    This is a nice venue for your interests, Paul. We enjoyed visiting the pages and commend you for the body of work you’ve included. I posted the blog link on my FB page to pass it along.

    Wishing you all our best going forward.


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