Old Red Plymouth Daydream

Sturdy and strong like the folks of the late 1950’s. The Belvedere by Plymouth, a solid car built with pride and class in a burgeoning country.

Beside the open road, she starts with a rumble and then a heavy purr and she rolls out on to the two lane highway. The windows down to catch the coolness of the breezes she stirs along the stretched out roadway through the wide open spaces. For a time the road becomes your own with a sense of freedom. And the roadside goes by, rhythm and soul on the radio against the low rumbling of the motor. And the old red 1958 Plymouth glides along.

Lost in a daydream down the roadway through the wide open spaces……

Click on the photograph for a larger and better view.

Music: “Plymouth Daydream,” played on a Martin Orchestra model cutaway. Garageband. Hot and sloppy the way it happened.

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