Powder River Cottonwoods

The cottonwoods stand tall along the banks of the Powder River. With age the bark of the sturdy trunks become deep furrowed as if bearing the character of fortitude against years of snows and winds and rains and droughts.

An embellishment states that the Powder River is a mile wide and an inch deep, but the holes can be deep, and a mile can be a mere illusion of the mind. Though less than 100 miles from the pristine snowmelts of the high mountains, the waters of the Powder River always run brown and muddy in this place.

The branches of the cottonwoods show the green yellow of new budding leaves, stirred slightly by the Wyoming winds. And the birds flutter about through the branches in the first warmths of spring.

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Music: “Old Black Mattie,” R.L. Burnside. Played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway Guitar. Garageband.
– Bloose befitting catfishing beneath a grove of cottonwoods.

One observation on “Powder River Cottonwoods
  1. Debbie Yare

    Hi Paul,
    Looks like a wonderful place to explore through the seasons. Those trees along the riverbank are so beautiful and full of character.
    Happy wanderings…
    Debbie :-)


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