BNSF - Down Rail Northern Wyoming

Some Roads Are Made Of Steel

From the surveyors’ miles of readings and calculations a blueprint is drawn. Right of ways are negotiated. And then the hard labor begins. The crews and their long man-hours of clearing and leveling. And in places excavating, and in other places filling in gaps. Then they put down the ties in ordered placement one after another, and the rails laid down, and made true, and spiked secure. Miles of toil through the countryside and the steel road is built. And they left behind along the way small towns where they ate and slept and reveled.

The leaves are near off of the trees. It is quiet in the old town. The schoolhouse still stands. And the several houses are empty.

And when around the bend they come, the fast moving freight trains stir the leaves around and about the old townsite.

Music: “Ruben’s Train,” played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway Guitar. Garageband.

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