One Night In Arvada Wyoming. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2016.

Sounds In The Arvada Night

In the dark Saturday night the Loram track maintenance train idled with a low rhythmic rumble in the siding at the small Wyoming town. Crew members moved about in the bright lights servicing the short train.

And from the bar beside the grain elevator occasional laughter could be heard in the warm spring night.

Then in the distance the whistle of a train approaching a crossing carried through the dark night, coming down out of higher lands, down into the valley of the Powder River. And the heavy drone grew louder until the headlights illumined a far reaching and wide swath along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainline. With a short whistle and clanging of its bell the empty coal train roared through the town of Arvada and past the Loram train, each car whirring by, creaking heavy and clanking until it was gone into the night.

Then again could be heard the low rhythmic rumble of the maintenance train and occasional laughter from the bar beside the grain elevator.

Music: “Cluck Old Hen,” played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway Guitar. Garageband.

3 observations on “Sounds In The Arvada Night
  1. Julie McLeod

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve enjoyed your photos on Flickr and am pleased you stopped by my blog for a visit because it’s given me an opportunity to visit your site in return. Your musings and music go very well with your photography. Cheers!


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