Tag: Landscape Photography

No One Knows – No One Remembers

After the last forest fire it showed through, tucked back into the hills, a remnant of a time gone by.

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In The Crisp November Air

The clouds moved ever so slow across the sky giving long stretches of warm sunshine. But the cold clung to the land, with powdery snows caught in the grasses and low spots.

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Near to the mountains there is a valley. It is broad across through the foothills. And lazily through it the muddy river winds its way.

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Powder River Cottonwoods

The springtime songs of birds fill the air. And there is a muffled rush of the waters as the Powder River flows northward toward Montana and the Yellowstone River.

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Snowmobile Tracks

And in the distance the wind stirs the dry powdery snow making a haze. Though it is cold the sun is intense and bright in the afternoon sky giving a sense of warmth.

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Holiday Treks

The snows of winter have been slow in coming this year.

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