Tag: Railroad

A Quiet Approach

Rolling fast out of the hills the long train of coal cars glides quietly, still over a mile away.

And the wind was cold and steady out of the north, the sun near to setting past the hills to the west.

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In The Crisp November Air

The clouds moved ever so slow across the sky giving long stretches of warm sunshine. But the cold clung to the land, with powdery snows caught in the grasses and low spots.

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One Night In Arvada Wyoming. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2016.

Sounds In The Arvada Night

And when the empty coal train roared by it left trails of light marking its course. And a four wheeler left the bar and rolled along the road.

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Pennsylvania Railcars. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2015.

Beneath The Train Shed

Streamlined and unique stainless steel beauties of yesteryear are idle along the tracks.

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