Greensky Bluegrass

To Build A Crescendo

The banjo, bass and guitar lay down a steady rhythm while the dobro slides and explores melodic realms, complimented by harmonic riffs of the barefoot mandolin man. The high sweet sounds of the mandolin weave a harmony until it gradually courses and takes charge for a time out in front of the whole. And then the guitar leads the way on a route into new aural horizons as the dobro and mandolin slip into rhythm. And along the way the banjo rings out in an assertive note and then another, in interplay with the guitar. Then with a roll the banjo takes the lead amid the fat notes of the bass thumping out licks in an artful foundation, rolling onward and upward and higher until the whole band joins into a crescendo of harmony and energy and musical delight.

They are Greensky Bluegrass.

Michael Arlen Bont, banjo

Paul Hoffman, mandolin

Mike Devol, upright bass

Dave Bruzza, guitar

Anders Beck, dobro

Music: “Old Joe Clark, (In The Swamp),” played on a Tanglewood Java Parlor Guitar. Garageband.

One observation on “To Build A Crescendo
  1. Jenny

    Always I enjoy the pictures Paul takes, but really focused in on his writings today and see that he is just as talented in that respect.


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