Blustery Winter Road. Photograph by Paul M. Garger. Copyright 2016.

‘Twas A Blustery Day

The road follows the railroad track through the valley in northern Wyoming.

The ranches are large and spread far apart. Remnants of old homesteads still stand against time. And where the road turns an old home sits without windows, without a door.

And when the wind is strong and blows through the valley there is a sound it makes past the poles and power lines alongside the road, a sound eerie and haunting.

And the dry snows are caught up in the wintery winds and they fly freely.

‘Twas a blustery day in the valley in northern Wyoming.

Music: “When Death Comes Creepin’,” played on an Epiphone Acoustic Electric Cutaway guitar. Garageband.

One observation on “‘Twas A Blustery Day
  1. Laura Hermann

    In my 50 plus years of life I have seen numerous days like this. Your image tells a story of past, present, and future. Your splendid photography brings winter’s breath to life.


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