Were You There

For a man digging a hole with a pick and shovel the ground is rocky and hard, and the digging tedious and wearisome, and necessary.

Two small towns were not far from the hillside. But when the coal was mined out there was no longer any reason to stay. And now only a few scattered houses still stand.

But on the hillside the cemetery remains, above the valley where the river flows quietly.

Music: “Were You There,” played on a Martin Orchestra Model Cutaway, Garageband.

3 observations on “Were You There
  1. Richard L. Daly

    Finally, the Spring thaw has come.
    It’s Friday, 05APR2017. I’ll attend burial at 14:00 today, of Ann, widow of a late-life friend and kindred spirit , Frank.
    The graveyard is on a rise behind the Congregational Church in Lewis, Essex County NY, on old US Rte.9
    facing East across Lake Champlain, toward the Green Mtns of Vermont.
    Different places, same Graces.


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